Apples for the Teacher

25 October 2016
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25 October 2016, Comments: 0

Dear Teachers,

We appreciate you so much! You selflessly give your time, effort, and own money to educate our youth time and time again. We’ve heard the stories of you grading papers on weekends, purchasing things for your classroom with your own money, and taking things from home just so a child could have what they need for school. We are so thankful for all you do and want to help!

Lowland Credit Union is giving away two (2) $500 scholarships to teachers for the 2016 – 2017 school year. The applicant must be a teacher in Hamblen, Grainger, Jefferson, Cocke, or Greene County and be able to provide proof of employment. All teachers for grades K-12 are eligible, and the scholarship must be used for teaching supplies and equipment.

To apply, submit a short essay on the topic: “I need this scholarship for my classroom because….” Speak from your heart!

Submit your application to Lowland Credit Union by November 18, 2016. Applications can be faxed to (423) 581-9229, emailed to Revonda Dean at, or sent by mail to Lowland Credit Union, 622 West First North Street, Morristown, TN 37814.

The winners will be chosen by unbiased members of the Tennessee Credit Union League. All judges’ decisions are final. For an application, call the credit union at 423-581-8345 or 423-254-8346 or email Vonda Dean at

*Lowland Credit Union Board of Directors, staff and their immediate families are not eligible for this scholarship.


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