LCU Credit Cards Are Your Perfect Travel Companion

27 April 2021
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27 April 2021, Comments: Comments Off on LCU Credit Cards Are Your Perfect Travel Companion

Using a credit card when you travel can save you time, money and hassle. Here are a few reasons why we suggest you travel with a Lowland Credit Union VISA credit card.

Accepted globally

Most VISA credit cards are accepted worldwide, and the LCU card is the same. If you’re traveling abroad, a credit card saves you from having to exchange your cash for the local currency. Plus, you won’t have to worry about carrying around a bunch of cash.

Fraud protection

Whether you’re traveling abroad or domestically, a credit card is much safer than cash. If your card gets lost or stolen, you can easily put it on hold and get a new card without having to worry about being held responsible for fraudulent charges. If you have cash that gets lost or stolen, there’s not much you can do besides report it to authorities.

Before you travel, be sure to contact us so we can put a note in the account of where you’ll be traveling, especially if you’re traveling abroad. This reduces the likelihood of your account getting flagged for potential fraud when you use it for purchases.

Card Valet

We offer a free mobile app with our card called CardValet. It’s perfect for adding extra protections on your card.

Some features include:

  • Alerts when your cards are used or a transaction is over a preset limit.
  • Spending limits- works well for parents or employers that want to manage spending.
  • Set your cards to only work in certain geographic locations.
  • Review your balance and transactions anytime
  • Turn your card “off” so no purchases are allowed until you choose to turn it back “on”.

UChoose Rewards® Program

With UChoose rewards, you can earn rewards with credit transactions. Points can be redeemed for thousands of items including gift cards, merchandise or travel!

Lowland Credit Union offers VISA credit cards with great rates. You’ll love traveling with our cards. Apply for a LCU VISA card now!


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