Making Vacations Affordable

28 April 2017
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28 April 2017, Comments: 0

It’s almost time for Vacation Club Payouts!

If you have been saving all year with one of these accounts, your payday is coming up next month! Your savings will automatically be deposited into your LCU savings or checking account.

What is a Vacation Club Account?


vacation savings account

A Vacation Club Account is a separate savings account that allows you to put aside a little from each paycheck to save up for your summer vacation.

There are no minimums required, so you choose what you want to set aside. With payroll deduction, funds will be directly deposited into your club account each month.

Even $50 a month can add up to $600 a year, and the account earns interest too! Each May, funds from your Vacation Club Account will be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account.

If you want to avoid racking up credit card debt or digging into your savings account to take your family on your next getaway, a Vacation Club Account is a perfect option. Use it for your vacation and worry less knowing that it is already paid for!

If you’d like to open a Vacation Club Account for 2018, let us know! We can get you setup to start saving now for next year’s summer vacation! Visit us online or stop by any of our branches to get started!


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