Mission & History


Lowland Credit Union is committed to providing quality, professional services to all members in a sound, efficient and caring manner.


The Lowland Credit Union began operation on June 12, 1953 at the Lowland site of the American Enka Company located in Lowland, Tennessee. Active employees of that site were eligible to join. Some years later, the field of membership was expanded to include retired employees and family relations of members and later the rule was made that once you were a member you could remain a member always. Today American Enka is no longer in operation in the area but the credit union is supported by over forty sponsoring groups.

Lowland Credit Union is a state chartered credit union insured by NCUA. There are two offices serving members in Morristown and one office in Newport, Tennessee. Most of those original members from 1953 have remained loyal to this day and have enjoyed the growth from a small bookkeeping ledger book recording simple savings and loan accounts to today’s high technology with a wide range of products and services.