Branch Services

Safe Deposit Box
Don't leave your important papers, pictures and other small treasures laying around your house. LCU has small, medium and large safe deposit boxes that are available to members at the Morristown Office of Lowland Credit Union. Deposit box rental is very reasonable. Rental is on an annual basis and access is available at anytime during the normal office hours of the Morristown Office.

Safe Deposit Box Agreement
Money Orders
Money orders are available at a low cost for members who opt to not have checking accounts or who might need a special receipt of payment for certain items.
Notary Service
Notary service is available free of charge to members. Just bring in the document needing notarized and all parties must sign in front of one LCU’s notaries. Please note that anything that a staff member of Lowland Credit Union notarizes must have the notary block at the bottom of the page.
Wire Transfers
Send funds to someone out of town or in an immediate emergency situation. Wire transfers at Lowland Credit Union have fees that are much lower than the normal wiring methods available to the general public. Funds must be wired to an account at a financial institution in the United States.

Wiring Instructions
VISA Gift Card
We sell VISA Gift Cards as a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, graduation or just because. The cards can be used anywhere worldwide VISA is accepted. You can buy them in dominations of $10 to $500. There is a $2.50 activation fee per card.
Certified Corporate Draft
Coin Machine
FREE for LCU members and is located at the 1216 E Main St location.