Keeping Your Accounts Safe Online

12 December 2023
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12 December 2023, Comments: Comments Off on Keeping Your Accounts Safe Online

Keep Your Accounts Safe


Woman using laptop computer, managing her bank account and transferring money online. Keep your online banking accounts safe and secure.

Imagine this. You login to online banking to check your account and see a charge, or multiple charges, that you did not make. Someone is making fraudulent charges. The first thing you want to do is give us a call at 1-888-581-8345.

Fraud is a constant concern, and one reason you should regularly check all of your financial accounts. Here are straightforward ways to ensure your account and personal information stays secure and protected.

Never Give Out Your Password

Your password is what keeps your account safe from people that are not you. Your password should always remain private and noted down somewhere secure, like a password organizer or notebook.

If you ever receive a text, email, or phone call from someone claiming to work for LCU or any other place you have an account, asking for your password or other personal information, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. This is a common tactic scammers and thieves use to get into your accounts. We will never contact you asking for your password. Same for emails, we won’t ask for ID verification or password resets via an unprompted email.

Never Give Our Your PIN

Further, all the same can be said when it comes to your PIN number. If a scammer cannot get your password, they will try other valuable personal information. Overall, always be skeptical of anyone who inquires for your personal information that connects to your financial accounts.

Check Accounts Regularly

Doing regular check-ins is essential. Extended periods of time without seeing what is going on with your account could mean you miss seeing fraudulent activity. If you ever see charges on your account that are not yours, immediately alert us and change your passwords. We will close any impacted cards and replace with new ones.

Don’t Overuse the Same Password

Finally, the last recommendation to keep your account secure is to not use the same password across all your accounts. The reason for this is that if a thief or hacker were to get hold of your password, they would then have access to all your accounts online. This would put all your personal information, not just financial accounts, at risk. Use password management software to store all your passwords in one secure place so you do not have to remember all of them off the top of your head.

Stay Secure

Prioritizing your account safety will never be in vain. It is important to safeguard your personal information to prevent thieves and scammers from taking advantage of you. We’re always here if you have questions, or think you may have fraudulent activity on your LCU account. Download our mobile app to have your LCU accounts always available.

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