Reward Yourself for Everyday Purchases!

4 October 2016
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4 October 2016, Comments: 0

Register. Earn. Reward.

It’s that simple.

If you have our VISA Credit Card and haven’t yet signed up for uChoose Rewards, you are missing out!

The uChoose Rewards program gives you more flexibility and choice than ever in redeeming your credit card reward points! Cruises, gas, groceries, concerts, and gift cards are just a few of the millions of options that you can get simply from using your LCU VISA Credit Card. With so many choices, you are sure to find something you want!

Enrolling is easy!

Register your Lowland Credit Union VISA Credit Card at today and start earning points on everything you buy.

We think that when it comes to rewards programs, the toughest part should be deciding what you want from a list of great options.

What’s even better? Redeeming your points is EASY! There are no crazy rules or hoops to jump through.

  1. Visit anytime to track and redeem your points
  2. Choose from millions of reward options
  3. Enjoy!


They’re your rewards. So, reward yourself with something you actually want.

Don’t have our credit card and want to start racking up rewards? Apply online here!


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